Thursday, January 21, 2010

Thanks so much u guys! :D

its been awhile.peopleeee sorry for being silent.malas sgt nak cerita.bnyk sgt lg pun.haha
  • Thanks to Azlan,Azmal,Shakel,Diba,Izzy,Jenna and Amir for the suprised party! hehe <3
  • rambut dah panjang sikit.haha
  • new subjects;Bio,Add maths,physics,chemistry are so interesting.i like it.:)
  • oh yeaaaa i am so happy for seating besides Helinna in class, again like for the few past years. u can be my diary y'knw because i tell u every details of my life.even bila terkentut :p hahaha 'BFF' i love you Helinna<3
  • currently looking for a new cool t-shirt.Armani exchange,i like.
  • Haziq,i will always remember you;(
  • oh yeaa if your intention is for me,please do write the title 'ITS FOR YOU NINA'.Dont be such a coward, :) ?
alright,im going to post lotsa pictures later.hehe nah tgk sampai lebam :P