Monday, December 6, 2010


so,banyak benda best berlaku.hihihi alhamdulillah.that day I went to Taipei,Taiwan.okay it was awesome.I love flowers and I took lots of pictures.I'll post it later yea?
okayyy,so relationship with others tak ada masalah,already.oh yeaah i got rabbits.Che and rry.So the combination is Cherry.haha i think it sounds very cute.righttt?I'll post their pictures soon.andd oh yeaa tak sabar nak pg 4Sc class party.rinduuu nya kat dorg.seriously.the theme might be i like that got flowersss hahah as always.ahhaha sounds girly,but wtv.I do whatever I like.anddd next year is my year to face SPM.can't wait to finish school.hmm oh I just watch a movie 'The Young Victoria'.wow awesome movie seriously,you gotta watch it alright?The guy is charming,the woman is wonderful with her great attitude.I like that movie.okayy and today,I'd like to share a song to you 'The sign' by Ace of Base.It's a cool song anws.:)ohh yea.I have a list of characteristics of my future guy.hahahah let's see if you have all the characteristics that I want.:P
5.not a hot tempered guy(I hate it)
6.soft spoken words
7.stands for me no matter what me than his car(it's not tht I want him to hate his car,don't be such an idiot)
9.always make me feel special
10.give whatever I want
11.understands me and not demanding
12.treat me better than you treat ur friends.
13.accept me for who I am.(I am special and can't be replace yea :) )
14.forget bout ur ex and never say her name to me
15.entertaint me if im bored.

tadaaa! I know.yea I'm spoiled and love to be pampered.that's what u hv to know.
alright,I got a lot of things to do.