Monday, November 8, 2010


1.Soo,today my sister bought a box of big apple and I ate a lot.again,again and again.

2.Haziq,thanks a lot for making my day awesome hihi <3

3.Azmal,Adiba,Jenna all of a sudden.I miss talking to you guys.:')

4.oh guys should try go to game site).you made my day viwawa :D

5.andd tomorrow,oh mann have to wake up early and go to school.urgh :/.cepat2 la cuti I wanna go to Taipei.winterrrrr yeayhhh,shopping yeayyhhhhhhhh hehe

6.oh and 'eat pray love' is such an awesome movie.Go and watch it!

okayy,nothin' much to share.TV time.

adios amigos <3