Friday, November 5, 2010

Lovely Day :)

This evening I went out for a jog, after a tidious day of helping my mom translating a bloody korean script.I met my old friends and a new friend.Mahathir,and Zakuan and the new friend Fit.They are nice and could be my good friends too.Well,I can meet them everyday anytime because they are my neighbours.
I discovered a new ambition, which is an ambassador.Hence,after SPM i have to take the course that related to this field.It would be international law or mass communication.:)
I chose this ambition because I love to travel and meet new people.So,I hope for the best for me to get good results for my SPM next year.I aim for the trial examination to get straight As.So,from now on I have to start study hard and smart and think of my future.I know I could have a bright future if I study and pray to Allah swt for the best.
Next is about my passion.I love cats so much.There's a quote for myself about cats."A day without cats is a day without sunshine' :D hehehe well,I've grown up with cats.But now,I have two relatives which is my sister's childrens that are still young-2years old and 4 month.My mother said cats are not good for babies.bacteria,virus ewww.:S
I can imagine dat.ergghh -__-'.So yeahhhh,have to wait until they are already big enough.
And now,I have a feeling that I have to start a new chapter of my life :)
which is;
1.I want to have a right meals :-to its propotion
2.exercise regurlarly :-everyday
3.take seriously about studies
4.never skip the prayer:- mostly Isya' a lot of good books
6.stop talking nonsense:-only when needed
7.choose right people to friends with
8. always clean up my closet
9.never call people when get bored:-bill naik baru tau
10.never fall in love with guys that are not matured that doesn't know how to appreciate me:- you you and you pfft guys are all the same so far that I know.

So yeahh.I think I have to help my mom to finish up the script.-___-boring script.Have to finish it up as soon as possible.The sooner the better, right?
Goodbye people who read my post.Thanks a lot for spending your time read my post hehehe Love you,muah

Nina is loving you